What happens if a vegan accidentally eats meat?

Accidentally eating meat as a vegan is more common than you think. It happens to the best of us. You may be the most cautious person but you can never promise it will never happen to you. 

It is not even out of malice but there are so many incidents of people mistakenly eating something that contained meat when they clearly stated they were vegan.

Who are vegans?

Who are vegans

Vegans are people who do not eat animal protein and also do not wear animal fur or leather. Their life is all plant-based products. Their diet consists of fruits, vegetables, and grains. They wear faux fur and vegan leather. 

There can be different reasons for people going vegan but most of the time they go for two reasons or both. The first one is for health reasons and the other reason is that they do not want to contribute to the industries that treat animals with cruelty.

Is it wrong to eat meat as a vegan?

Is it wrong to eat meat as a vegan

Eating meat goes against the entire concept of veganism. Now what matters is the intention. Did you eat it on purpose or was it on accident? You are not a real vegan if you consume meat on purpose. Now, if you happen to eat meat on accident, it’s alright; accidents happen.

You did not sin, nor intentionally support animal cruelty. To err is human. It’s okay. But in case you feel nauseous or sick, be sure to check in with your physician and take the measures necessary. 

There are rare cases where you can be allergic to meat. That could cause eating meat could prove to be fatal. If you are one of those cases, you should seek medical attention immediately.

What to do if you accidentally eat meat?

What to do if you accidentally eat meat

Calm down

If you do not have meat allergies, you can almost be sure that you won’t have any severe reactions. The fact that you ate meat will affect you psychologically and this may cause you to have headaches and feel nauseous.

Consult a doctor

If you have a rare meat allergy, SEE YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. But if you do not, chances are, the situation is not as fatal as you make it out to be(if you are panicking). You may feel sad or sick because you’re tasting meat without intending to.

Your stomach may be a little upset depending on how long you have had a plant diet. This is because our gut bacteria will be used in fruits and veggies but not meat. But it isn’t a serious problem nor will it be here for long. Your body adjusts itself and if you go back to your vegan diet, it will be alright.

Do not feel guilty

The first feeling you feel could be guilt. And you don’t have to feel that way because understand you did not do it on purpose. Your intention is what matters and if you intended to not eat meat and it happened accidentally, you need not worry about it.

Get back to your lifestyle

The experience could be traumatic so, collect yourself and remember mistakes happen. Just go on about your routine. This is the best way you can recover, you need to go on about your life as usual. It happened, and it was a bad experience so take extra caution next time.

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There is no punishment for when a vegan accidentally eats meat. Veganism is a lifestyle that you choose. If you have a serious health condition like meat allergy, then you should seek professional medical health. Do not feel guilty because it happened by accident. Just make sure you confirm what is in your food before you dig in.  


1. What happens if a vegan suddenly eats meat?

Some vegans worry that if they eat meat after abstaining from it for a period, they might become gravely ill. However, while inadvertently digesting meat is undoubtedly an uncomfortable experience, it’s improbable.

2. Would a vegan get sick if they ate meat?

It is highly unlikely a vegan would get sick if they ate meat. But it could make them feel nauseous after finding out what they ate was meat.

3. Is it okay for a vegan to eat meat once in a while?

As a vegan, you could choose to eat meat once a year or sometimes, but in that instance, you might choose to refer to yourself as plant-based.

4. Why am I craving meat as a vegan?

Veganism is a lifestyle you choose. If you crave meat, it is probably because you know the taste of meat or your body is showing signs of deficiency. Either way, you can try plant-based meat options and check in with your medical practitioner.

5. What happens if a lifelong vegetarian eats meat?

It depends on whether you want to or not. You may feel a little queasy if it was on accident and you find out about it later. Or you could like the taste(which is often time more than not) and another bit of snack or two.

6. Does human milk count as vegan?

Yes, human milk is vegan. Do not keep your baby away from this liquid gold which helps in their overall development during the initial stages of life. There are so many cases of malnutrition because the babies are not fortunate enough to breastfeed. 

7. Does milk count as vegan?

Milk from any other animal apart from humans is not considered to be vegan.

8. Do vegetarians live longer than people who eat meat?

A vegetarian diet that consists primarily of whole grains, nuts, legumes, and fruits and vegetables can lengthen your life and lower your risk of developing serious illnesses.

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