The use of Gelatin: What is gelatin made of?

We have made a lot of progress when it comes to food. We have found ways to preserve food and create different things to make sure that all part of our food source is used to the fullest.

Gelatin is one such creation. It is a thickening and gelling agent used in multiple recipes. It does not just add flavor to the food but, it is used to thicken and give your food a jello-like consistency. 

What is gelatin made of?

an image of gelatin

Gelatin is made by boiling bones, skin, cartilage, and tendons of animals, basically, the parts that we would not consume. Despite unconventional raw materials used for making gelatin, it is widely used in a variety of foods and dishes.

Is gelatin vegan?

By the definition itself, one can figure that gelatin is not vegan or vegetarian.  Gelatin is made of animal products and contains animal protein.

Even though the end product made by using gelatin may not look like it contains animal protein, it becomes non-vegan when people use gelatin to make it.

What is gelatin used for?

What is gelatin used for

You may never guess that thick savory tomato soup or marshmallows contain animal protein, but gelatin is used to make marshmallows, ice-creams, candies, and a wide variety of sauces.

The use of gelatin does not end in just food, it has also been used in cosmetics. It has been used in facemasks, shampoos, 

So, if you are vegan or want to become vegan, you need to start reading the labels for things you are putting on your body and in your body.

What is the alternative to gelatin for vegans?

If you are vegan or a vegetarian, do not worry, there is a vegan alternative to gelatin. It is called ‘agar-agar’.

Agar-agar is made from red algae and is a completely animal-free thickening agent. By heating it in a liquid(especially water), it solidifies and has a jello-like consistency. 

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If you are a vegetarian, a vegan, or someone who is cutting off animal protein, you should avoid gelatin. This is because gelatin is made of animal protein and uses bones, cartilage, and skin. 

You do have a vegan alternative though. It is agar-agar. It has the same properties as gelatin but, it is plant-based. Since gelatin is so commonly used, check your ingredients before you buy your cosmetics or food. Or, you could try creating recipes at home using ‘agar-agar’.


1. What is the main ingredient in gelatin?

The main ingredients of gelatin are the bones, skin, and cartilage of fish and animals.

2. What animals are used to make gelatin?

Mostly cows and pigs are used to make gelatin.

3. Is gelatin vegetarian?

No, gelatin is not vegetarian or vegan because it is made with animal protein.

4. Can Muslims eat gelatin?

Gelatin is usually made from pork. This is why most Muslims avoid gelatin unless they know the source of gelatin.

5. Is gelatin healthy?

Yes, gelatin improves the quality of your hair and skin and also improves your gut health.

6. Why can’t vegans eat gelatin?

Vegans do not eat gelatin because it is made with the help of animal protein.

7. Is there a vegan alternative to gelatin?

Yes, gelatin does have a vegan alternative. It is called ‘agar-agar’ and it is made from red algae.

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