Can vegetarians eat fish?

We all know that a vegetarian is a person who does not consume animal meat. Now, since almost all of the definition states ‘animal’ meat, people may wonder if this includes fish or not.

Fish is a living being and vegetarians have the same rules for fish, as they do for animals, they DO NOT EAT fish. Although they live on water, vegetarians do not eat them as an exception.

What is the term for a vegetarian that eats fish or seafood?

Some so many people follow different diets than just the ‘mainstream diets’ like being a vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore. 

There is a group of vegetarians who eat fish and they are called pescatarian. They do not eat meat but, these vegetarians eat fish. Their diet consists mainly of greens and grains but, they also have fish in their diet.

Why do people become a pescatarian?

image of pescatarian diet

People may be pescatarians for various reasons. Some may be vegetarian because of their religion and beliefs, some because they do not want to contribute to the cruelty, some because of health issues, and some simply because they don’t want to.

Early Christian communities did not eat meat but they were allowed to consume meat. This practice is still followed during Lent.

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Different people have different reasons why they follow the diet that they follow. It is unnecessary to point it out or try and convert them. But being a vegetarian, you cannot eat any meat in any form. 

Vegetarian by definition means excluding meat from your diet. You could eat meat but then it would be wrong to call you a vegetarian. 


1. Is it OK to eat fish as a vegetarian?

It is a free world, you can eat whatever you want to eat. But, if you call yourself a vegetarian, you cannot eat fish.

2. What is a vegetarian who eats fish called?

Vegetarian who eats fish are called pescetarians.

3. Do vegetarians not eat fish or fowl?

No, vegetarians do not eat fish or fowl. They will have animal products like dairy and honey, but not meat.

4. Can vegetarians drink milk?

Yes, vegetarians drink milk and other milk products.

5. Do fish have blood?

Yes, fish do have blood. They are cold-blooded animals.

6. Why do people become vegetarian?

There are so many why people become vegetarian; they could be vegetarian for health reasons, religious beliefs because they care about the lives of the animals, or all of the above.

7. Should humans become vegetarian?

There is no hard and fast rule of whether someone should become vegetarian or not. But, a vegetarian diet has a lot of health benefits.

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